Earth Day Haiku

Not only for Kings
nor only the King of Beasts
Earth is Home to all.

We learn all we have
is rented time on Earth
to Love to Respect.

Health and Happiness
dependent upon the Health
of our Habitat.


Live from haikuzzi, it’s late nite!

Weary feet and my
groggy mind wishing for sleep
and all its comforts.


Eyelids begin to
droop as I wonder if I
will find peace tonight.


The wayward man he
travels by night on highways
no place to call home.




Wise haikuzzi

Cherry blossoms like
your worries will fall away
gently drift downstream.

The funny thing is
you create the world you see
thinking makes it be.

Remember always
to see yourself in others
then cherish all life.


Break-Up haikuzzi

More than two years passed
you’re still driving around with
my books in your trunk.

Today decided
I can go back there and not
still think about you.

When you see me out
walking around please don’t stop
don’t stop and say Hi.

My memory of
you is what your memory
should be is nothing.

The next time you see
me I hope you really don’t
still see anything.

The dog may return
to his vomit but I will
not return to you.

St. Paddy’s Haiku

Green four leaf clovers
Irishmen will have their luck
and Erin Go Bragh.

Haiku from Japan
makes its way to Ireland
islands fellowship.

Topsy turvy and
tipsy today barpeople
all drunkenly sway.

Clever leprechaun
magic mischief mystery
tricking fools for gold.

Emerald Isle
what’s in a name all the same


Three point one four one
five nine two six five three five
eight nine eight Pi Day.

One letter in Greek
extending infinitely

haikuzzi intro

A little bit about Haiku…


Start a blog and name
it haikuzzi so one day
they will know your name.


Too much of one thing
surplus excess gluttony
that is not Haiku


Haiku seems simple
but grasshopper take time to
effectively plan.


Five syllables first
then seven syllables next
then five to finish.